PACERBOT Parts 8 – 11: Custom Optical Encoder

25 05 2016

Measuring speed can be done in many ways. I chose to build an optical encoder, to  sense the frequency of the drive shaft’s revolutions, and calculate the speed by recording the time between pings.

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PACERBOT – Part 6 + 7

21 05 2016

A peak into the PID tuning process. A good demonstration of the various effects changes in the parameters have on the behavior of the robot.

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PACERBOT Part 4 + 5

21 05 2016

The design,printing and assembly process of the resting place for the battery. A rectangular box that seats on top of the transmission serves as a holder for the Arduino board in addition to a battery holder. A straightforward, though important part of the robot.


19 05 2016

An explanation video of what PID control is, why it is needed, and how the various parameters affect the aggressiveness of the reaction. Read the rest of this entry »


19 05 2016

A quick demonstration of the robot following a short line. It is currently receiving inputs from the sensors and calculates corrections using a simple Proportional controller.


16 05 2016

A more specific overview of the robot. Showing the various components in more detail. Read the rest of this entry »

PACERBOT – Introduction

15 05 2016

Hi, I’m glad to finally share with you a project that I began about four months ago. The PACERBOT! An Arduino Uno based robot designed to pace track runners and perform as a physical guide. I will post brief summaries of my progress along the way, besides more detailed video logs.

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