Pneumatic PickUp Claw

28 01 2010

A few dys ago I received a bricklink order. It contained one pneumatic cylinder, a switch and a compressor.

As I was thinking about what I could possibly build with only one cylinder I thought about making a pneumatic pickup claw! Right before I started designing the claw I built a compressor. It is powered by one power functions M motor, p.s. it’s not my design-I saw it somewhere  over the net. To save energy, and make controlling the claw more efficient  a comfortable, I hooked up the PF switch with the pneumatic one, so when one is off, the other is as well. It prevents the compressor from compressing too much air, by ativating the motor only when the pneumatic switch is on (works for both sides).

The videos and pics will explain the rest….




10 responses

5 02 2010

Great! Creative.

20 02 2010

great!! fantastic design.

21 10 2011
shyvan ( gtapawner )

can you make instructions pleas

22 10 2011

Aren’t the pictures sufficient for building it? I cannot make instructions sorry.

3 08 2016

Would this be good for a school project?

3 08 2016

I would say yes, but that, of course, depends on the nature of your school projects. I think this project is a great pneumatics exercise.

14 08 2016

Is it all right if I use your experiment for everyone at my school to see? I’ll use your website as a reference.

14 08 2016

Can I use this experiment to share at school? I’ll make sure your in my references.

15 08 2016

Of course! Be sure to take pictures. Send me some if you want and get featured on the site

15 08 2016

Thank you!

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