HALO 3: Warthog V2

4 07 2010

My second version of the warthog jeep from the HALO video game series, now using the Power Functions elements.

Full instructions are available HERE.

For those who don’t know what the Warthog really is, it’s a military jeep which is used for military reasons as assault or troop transport. The Warthog is a fictional vehicle which appear at the HALO video game.

And now for the vehicle itself, it is propelled by 2 XL motors and steered by 2 M motors. By placing each M motor on an axle I could achieve the opportunity to make it steer in a normal way or the crab way. To swich between the two options of steering, just move the switch near the windshield. There is no gear reduction, so the Warthog is fast and yet not that weak. I used the 4 link suspension method, it gives the vehicle a truly great shock absorbing as well as ground clearance . Just to make it look real, I added a machine gun at the back of it. It also has an opening bonnet and well, thats it.

And the almost most perfect ever created magnificent ¬†amazing video!!! well not exactly….

Some pictures:




8 responses

30 05 2011

I had alot of problems with the steering it would move the rack so fast it breaks off. Help will be nice.

30 05 2011

You mean you built it? If so, it shouldn’t be happening. Maybe you could upload some pictures of it.

30 05 2011

Ok ill try why does it need diffs to be a trial truck?

31 05 2011

It’s not a trial truck. And it has no differentials.

31 05 2011

Update time: Just made a gear ratio 1:24 and its a perfect TT and has yellow shocks makes for a stable truck.

1 06 2011

Wow 1:24? That’s way too much. I suggest you gear it anywhere between 1:8-1:13-15. It will be too slow for ya.

3 06 2011

Yeah kinda, i like slow so you can see the shocks and suspension in action and you can stop it easier

31 03 2013
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