Tatra 813 6×6 V2, Instructions.

13 02 2011

My second version of the Tatra 6×6 trial truck. It now has a 2 speed gearbox and better adjusted shocks.

UPDATE: Instructions can be found in the Instructions page above.

When I finished building the V1 of this truck I stopped and thought, this truck could use a gearbox, and there is almost enough space for building one, so why not? So I took the whole structure of the rear axle 1 stud back and sticked a gearbox where the motors sit. The gearbox works this way: The motor drives a pin with 2 gears on in front of the other, when the motor and the pin are being moved forward one of the gears is meshed with his set of gears (gear 1) and when it is being moving backwards the opposite happens (gear 2). The gearbox is duplicated on both sides of the truck: The gearbox is operated by 2 pf M motors driving a worm gear on a 24t gear. The have alot of power and precision.

————-I guess that from here on there will be nothing really new—————-


  • 2 XL motors for drive
  • 6×6 drive
  • 4×6 steering
  • M motor for steering
  • 2 speeds gearbox
  • Headlights
  • 2 battery boxes
  • Functional steering wheel

You can see even more about the V1 (which many things in it are similar to the V2) HERE.


And some more photos:




17 responses

27 03 2011

Can you give some tips on 1st double steering and 2nd tips on building a tatra i dont care if its a 4×4 6×6 or 8×8

14 04 2011

Sure, but do you have any specific questions?

22 05 2011

Whats harder to build 8×8 or 6×6 tatra

22 05 2011

Well, it depends. Sometimes 6×6 can be harder because you need to squeeze all the mechanisms into a tight place. But 8×8 is heavier and needs to be stiffer. I use to say 8×8 is just a 6×6 with an extension 🙂

24 05 2011

yea i can only make 6x6s because only 6 wheels but i made your first pf 6×6 and made it longer

25 05 2011

Really? That’s great! Maybe you could upload some pictures or a video so I can see how it works?

28 05 2011

Yeah, ill try man and your an amzing builder but on your 6×6 did you have trouble with the back suspension my doesnt squish the spring like on the 4 front ones

29 05 2011

Thanks! I had no problems with the back suspension.

30 05 2011

Oh do you know sariel

30 05 2011

Of course! A great builder!

31 05 2011

Yeah, but sometimes kinda a jerk on his website

31 05 2011

P.S. I think your a better builder 9dont tell him that. 😉

1 06 2011


3 06 2011

Yeah you are his new humvee is amazing but you should make something way better like a 8×8 maz of ginaf

7 06 2011

What do you mean by better adjusted shocks?

7 06 2011

I mean I changed the spacing between the half-axle and the chassis so it the suspension will work better.

10 06 2011

What cant you do i mean come on your a perfect builder

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