In this page I will post instructions for some of my models.

And here they are:

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4 07 2010
HALO 3: Warthog V2 « Yoraish's Lego creations

[…] Instructions […]

4 01 2011

ty si čech?

4 01 2011

I can’t understand you, English please.
I used google translate and if I have understood right, so, no, I’m not from the Czech Republic.

31 05 2011

Are you in the U.S.?

1 06 2011

I’m from Israel.

4 06 2011

Oh, cool what nxt language do you use and were can i get it?

5 06 2011

I use the NXT-G language. I think you should buy the NXT set in order to get it, but I’m not sure.

18 02 2013
10 06 2011

I have three because any help on makeing a program for a remote control

3 08 2011

how can I open the instrucktions?

3 08 2011

how can I read the instructions?

14 08 2011

You can read the instructions by downloading the LDD (Lego Digital Designer) program from
If you neeg any help tell me.

7 10 2011
26 10 2011

what program opens these files

26 10 2011

Lego Digital Designer (or LDD in short). You can download it for free at website.

14 11 2011
d dog

how do u make the gears and suspenshion work can i get a photo

15 11 2011

You can look over at the instructions…
Or ask a more specific question.

7 02 2012

Unfortunately, Megaupload was closed by FBI and the HTML link for the Rock Crawler instructions is lost…
Can you, please upload and share it through another service?

Thanks a lot

24 02 2012

how can I see the list of bricks needed to build?

13 05 2012


I tried to open Tatra 6×6 V2 model in LDD (ver. 4.2.5), but I got message:

“Warning! 11 bricks were not placed correctly and have been removed from the model”

Where is problem?
Thanks for your reply, your models are great!!

14 05 2012

Firstly thanks!
I think this message appeared due to improper placing of some parts by the program itself (bugs). If I remember correctly, some M motors are missing and some minor other parts.
Good luck building!
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :).


14 05 2012


Hmmm, motors are there (4 pices), it looks like there are missing whole staff around gear change. There is “line of gears” on the top, but for example worm is missing. I tried to build this model and gear change doesn’t work. :(

Just one note. For lot of people there will be really helpfull to create part list (bricklink format is the bes I think). It is just idea, please understeand, that I really like your work. :)

14 08 2012

Excellent job!
I just have one question or rather one request. Would you happen to have the actual Lego part numbers for the parts list? Or can you just enter the name on the Lego website and they will come up.
Thanks again!

4 09 2012

they will come up i think

22 08 2012

Hi, firstly thanks :), secondly, the part list contains all the information I have right now. I guess that if you enter the part’s name on the lego website it will come right up.

4 09 2012

is here a way i can buy all the pieces from you and instructions (my computer wont pull them up) and if so what is the price please let me know soon

4 09 2012

forgot this part i am looking for the tatra t815 thanks!!

5 09 2012

The instructions are offered for free, you can generate apart list from it.
I do not sell models.

5 09 2012

How can I generate part list?

Thanks for your work!

5 09 2012

Use google, you’ll find anything you need there.

18 11 2012
Eszes Martin

Why building instructions are in brickshelf?

19 10 2013

Thank you for your ionstructions, but I can not charge the additional HTML page that is on megaupload ‘page not found’
Thank you for your help

1 07 2014
Rock Crawler | alnyr's attic

[…] châssis est issu en grande partie du Little Boy Crawler de Yoraish. Malheureusement, ce châssis oblige à positionner le boitier à piles en hauteur, […]

19 03 2015

Amazing use of suspension torsion Yoraish. Thank you for sharing the idea.

I have a question about tire speed. Looking at the LDD file, the gear ratio for the rear tires: 12/24=0,5; whereas the front tires: 12/20=0,6. So the rear tires rotate slower than the front tires. If motor RPM is 220, then the rear and front RPMs are: 110 and 132 RPM or 1.8 and 2.2 RPS.

In loose dirt, and with the torsion suspension twisting and buckling, the speed difference may actually help propel the car in uneven terrain.

What was behind your decision for different gear ratios?

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